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Refurbished 1600cc Engines

These engines have been completely disassembled and every component gone thru to make sure it serviceable and in good condition. Once the components have been cleaned and checked, unserviceable parts are replaced and the engine reassembled. After assembly each engine gets it's 30-minute break in run.

Every refurbished engine comes complete with new Bearings, Rings, Valves, and Valve Guides. All other components are replaced as necessary to meet D&Ms strict quality standards.

Price: $1650.00
(Core Charge $350)

6 months or 6,000 mile Warranty on all Refurbished engines.

Premium 1600cc Engines

All of our premium engines feature brand new factory OEM parts (If factory is no longer available we source out the highest quality replacement we can find). Our premium engines are assembled to exact Volkswagen Factory specifications and are stock down to the color.

Prices start @: $2150.00
(Core Charge $350)

12 months or 12,000 mile Warranty on Premium Engines

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